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 January 11, 2012

Happy new year everyone! Looks like my year is starting off great.  I just had an ortho check and it went well!  Dr. Stevens told me at my next appointment I will be taking impressions for my retainer!!! 2 years of invisalign and I'm a week from being done.  What a journey it has been.  I'm on my last set of aligners, and I cannot wait.  I'm already thinking of whitening.  Home stretch from here!

Hope everyone has a great day!! Cuz i sure will!! :)

December 23, 2011

Last day of work til the Christmas break, and I thought I'd put in a blog before we run out of here.  The year is almost done, boy that went by quick.  All the hussle and bussle of Christmas shopping I havent been able to blog more.  I recently had another ortho check, and once again I am staying in my upper tray and changed the bottom.  Dr. Stevens said this is because the top already shifted so well that we dont need to change trays anymore up top.  So now all we have to worry about is the bottom set.   The office is closed til Jan. 3 so talk to you all in the new year! 

Happy holidays everyone! Wish you all the best in the new year!

Always, Bernadette


November 22, 2011

Just finished my ortho check with Dr. Stevens today, I am staying in my top tray for now and switching the bottom.  He said that Im tracking well! I feel like its home stretch from here.  Ill keep this post short and sweet, til next time everyone!


:) Bernadette


October 21, 2011

I recently just switched my bottom trays, and boy was it painful.  But hey, no pain no gain right? I'm very excited to see the end result.  I believe I only have a few more trays on top and a little more on the bottom.  Its been a year and a half and I've seen such great changes.  I say another few more months to go and I'll have the perfect smile that I've been longing for :)

August 23, 2011

The elastics are working great! One side is moving down faster then the other.  So now, I only have to wear the elastic on one tooth... Yipeeee!! I love the way my bottom teeth are shifting so perfectly.  I  was looking at it last night when i had my trays off, and I could see such a big difference!  I even showed my husband and he was amazed!!! Hopefully I'll be done soon, and when I get my attachments off, I can start whitening using the same trays :)  Have a good day everyone! Talk to you soon!!!


July 14, 2011

I did the unthinkable! I was out for dinner last night and i didn't have my case with my to put my trays in.  So, i wrapped it in paper towel (something you should never do!), and I placed it aside making sure I knew exactly where it was.  Clumsey me I left the restaurant not thinking to take my trays with me.  And gone it goes.  Luckily I had an ortho appt the next day, so I was able to just switch into my next set.  Dr. Stevens did tell me, if I was still far from switiching trays, then I'd have to take impressions, and he'd have to order me a new set, which may even have cost me another lab fee.  So beware! If you have to take out your trays to eat, and put it somewhere other then your case, make sure you put it back in when your done eating. 

June 15, 2011

Ola, Ola everyone!  Wow its been awhile.  Hope everyones summers going well.  Its been a hot hot summer so far!  Progross report with my elastics.  I recently had an ortho appt, and the elastics are working!  My teeth are starting to fit better in my trays.  Just a little bit longer, and hopefully I won't have to wear the trays any longer.  Stay cool, ta ta for now!


April 7, 2011

Hello all!!! Such beautiful weather we're having! Summers just around the corner. YAY  So i got elastics added on to help my teeth shift better.  What Dr. Stevens did was add little tiny slits on the tray and added little attachments on my teeth.  The elastics hook onto the slits and then hook over the tooth onto the attachment.  But may I say, hooking the elastics onto the attachment is not that easily. especially if you have nails like me.  Gel/acrylic nails is definitely not the elastics bestfriend.  lol... luckily there are these picks that I use that makes life easy!  It easily grabs on to one end of the elastics and slides it onto the attachment.  Whoever invented those picks are AMAZING!!! Ill keep you posted on how well the elastics work.. Stay tuned.. !!!



Mar. 7, 2011

Almost a year has gone by, and so much has changed.  My teeth have shifted so nicely in such a quick process its amazing.  Half way done with the top, and a few more then half til im done the bottom.  My last appointment my top trays werent fitting as good as they usually fit, so Dr. Stevens ordered my some elastics that goes on the trays to make them fit more.  The elastic hooks on to the inner top part of the tray on opposite sides of certain teeth.  Im excited to try something different!  Should be getting the elastics in within the next few days!!

Fellow co-workers of mine also got invisalign and its more exciting because we can all talk about our different progresses and experiences.  If anyone has any questions, feel free to call our office, and someone will gladly help you out! and if your really interested, book a consult with Dr. Stevens!! The whole invisalign journey so far has been amazing.  Cannot wait to see the end results!!

Jan. 19, 2011

Happy belated New Years!!!! These past few days mother nature has not been that nice to us, with her  -45 temperatures.. but hey we live in Winnipeg, we should be prepared for that.  right?? haha I am very very pleased with how everything is going.. im on my 15th tray and everything is tracking well.  Im almost half way done!!!! Its amazing because it doesnt even seem like it.  Time flies by soo quick!  With such a short time, I've noticed such a difference.  It feels even better when other people notice the difference.  When people would ask me to show my teeth 6 months ago I was definetely hesitant about it, but now, with the changes, I'm starting to feel more comfortable. 

With the next blog I'll try and get some progress photos up so you can all see the difference!!

Smiling more and more,


Oct. 27, 2010

Happy early Halloween!! Last few days of October and now its starting to feel like it.  Who would of thought the middle of October in our city we'd still be wearing shorts and sandals. Now the days are getting darker sooner, and the jackets and sweaters are being pulled out of the closets because sooner then we know it it'll be winter.. :(  On a brighter note I was looking at my teeth in the mirror and i noticed my bottom tooth.  Theres a space between certain teeth that was never been there before.  I had my ortho appt yesterday and got my new set of trays.  Dr. Stevens said the the tooth that is the most crooked should be starting to turn soon which is why there is more space between my teeth now.  I am very excited!! Although today my teeth are a little sore because of this new tray that I have on, especially when I have to take the trays out.  Hopefully within the next few days the pain will go away.  As for my arch, Dr. Stevens showed me that my arch is also changing as well!  Its amazing how these trays can shift teeth and change your arch!!

dreading the weather outside,

-- bernadette

 Sept. 23, 2010

What a cloudy, rainy day.... not the greatest day.  My teeth are not feeling that great either.  I can feel some pain when I chew ever since I switched trays.  I guess thats how it all works, even with regular braces.  I honestly think there would be more pain after getting braces tightened.  All I know is when I feel pain, I know its working.. hehehe.. so its something I'm willing to tolerate.. but yea.. thats all for now... tata readers!!


Sept. 21, 2010

Wow where did the summer go... It seems like it was just coming around the corner, and now its done.. The leaves are falling, the days are getting shorter, the nights are getting darker next thing you know, it'll be here... WINTER... boooo...

Anyways I'm happy to report that all is going well with my invisalign.  I am now on my 9th tray and Dr. Stevens said that everything is right on track!  Which is perfect! I love the fact that everything is going smoothly.  I'm starting to really notice a difference with my bite.  Especially when Im eating and have my invisalign trays off.  I love it cuz i know that its changing!! :) Where Im really excited to see the change is my bottom teeth.  The on tooth that is in the lower front is really bad.  Dr.  Stevens said I should start seeing some changes with that tooth on my 14th tray, so I'm really anticipating that!

cant hardly wait..



May 26, 2010

Yay happy birthday to me!!!! i love birthdays!! the cake, food and most of all gifts gifts gifts..!!! lol  anyways.. I just recently switched to my third set of trays and I noticed that is it a lot easier for me to take them on and off now.  I had an appointment today to do some IPR.  IPR (interproximatal reduction).  To my knowledge IPR is when they shave off sides of a certain part of the tooth to allow other teeth to shift.  When this happened I got all excited cuz that meant there will be some shifting soon, and that ill be able to see some results!!! IPR was done on some of my lower teeth, and it was an easy, painless appointment.  Its exciting to switch trays to the next, because the more trays I go through the sooner I will get the smile Ive been longing for. 

So excited,



May 11, 2010

Ola everyone!!

So the first trays over and done with :) onto the next.  When I first put the second set of trays in, it felt a lot tighter then the first.  I have to admit I do feel a little pain because the trays are tighter.. but hey.. no pain no gain right? hehe Thats all I have to say for now.. berna out!

- bernadette

April 26, 2010

Oh wow its been awhile. I'm sorry for not blogging.  Do not worry I havent forgot.  I am back and Im here to blog!! I did recently just came back from vacation, and let me tell you.. AMAZING.  So now im back and im here to report I got my invisalign trays on!!!  When I was told my trays were here I was so excited I wanted to get  them on right away. 

At the time of my appointment, I got attachments done onto some teeth.  These attachments look like clear little white squares that go on certain teeth so the trays can attach onto.  That procedure was quick and easy!! After the attachments were in, it was time to fit my trays!!! :) Tara, Dr. Stevens assistant, then went over everything that I needed to know, from what I should and shouldnt do with the trays on, to process of taking them on and off.  At first I was a little hesitant on how I would feel the next several days, I was worried I'd feel uncomfortable and in a little pain especially because the next few days I would be in Las Vegas with several collegues from work due to an invisalign training.  I can honestly say I didnt feel any discomfort during the whole trip! I do have to take out the trays before I eat, which is a little downside to the whole procedure, but it doesnt matter to me because the end result will be well worth it!!! :D At first putting the trays on were a little difficult, I needed to look in the mirror to align them properly so it snaps into place,  but as soon as I got used to it it was really easy, now I dont even need a mirror to put them in!! As for the way they look.. they do really look invisible!!! Everytime I mention I'm wearing it, people tell me they do not notice anything! I guess they are really invisa-ble...perfect match for a name!!!

As for the course that we went to in Las Vegas, it was awesome!! I found the course so interesting because I was able to see what goes on through the doctors/assiants eyes.  From how they do the impressions, to putting the attachment on.  I learnt different kinds of cases that other doctors had had in the past, and let me tell you the end result was amazing.  I cannot wait to see what my teeth will look like in the end. Theres so much  I want to say about that course I'll be typing here for days.. but times a-ticking.. gotta get back to work.. so ta ta for now!!!

your very own invsalign rep

-- bernadette

March 3, 2010

Hi again!!

Reporting back to everyone on my journey..!!! :)  Today I got my impressions done.  Boy was it interesting.  At first we did the bottom impression.  When they filled the trays, it looked like like they were putting icing on a cake onto the trays.. YUM!   The mould was yellow in color, a little cold when they first put it in my mouth, and definetly did not taste like icing.  Luckily the mould was in my mouth no longer then a minute, and Tara and Dr. Stevens both made it easier for me to handle the taste of the mould, by telling jokes and just helping me keep my mind off of it.  It was amazing how within that minute that mould hardened and took the shape of my teeth.  We had to do the upper part of my mouth in two different steps, but everything went by smoothly..I cannot wait to get my trays and get this progress started!!!  til next time everybody!!!

-- bernadette


February 28, 2010

Hi all!!!

Growing up I  was not fortunate enough to get braces.  As a teen, it never really bothered me, but as I grew older, I started to notice the crowding in my teeth more and more.  The idea of straighter teeth became a goal.

As I look through pictures I notice a girl who isn't afraid to smile, but is definetly holding back a smile that could be a lot better.  I a forced smile wanting to be natural.  As time progressed I often thought of getting braces but thought I was too old and I didn't want the look of regular braces.  Getting a job in the dental industry didn't help my insecurities about my teeth either.  I often questioned myself on how it would for me to work in an office where me teeth were on parade.

After learning about invisaling in a staff meeting, I was immediately interested and I booked myself a consultation.  Once again my insecurities ikicked in because I was embarassed to show my teeth with the people that i work with. 

With the consultation days away, I'm hesitant on going, bit I know going will only make things better.... so stay tuned and I will let you know how the consultation went!! :)

Ta ta for now!!!