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    Bernadette is a 23 year-old female who is presently unhappy with her smile.  Bernadette has often held back her smile during pictures.  She has always wanted  straighter, whiter teeth. 

Consultation with Dr. Stevens...

Dr. Stevens dicussed with Bernadette her concerns and what she wanted to achieve with her smile.  She explained she is uncomfortable with showing her teeth and holds back her smile and does not like the look of her teeth. 

Upon examination which included a bite analysis, Dr. Stevens found that Bernadette has mild to moderate crowding in her upper front teeth, with two of her incisors being in crossbite.  Her lower incisors also have moderate crowind with the right incisor rotated at 45 dregrees.

Dr. Stevens explained that the crowding could become an issue over time as it can lead to gum or periodontal problems due to being difficult to floss.  Bernadette agreed that although an avid flosser she finds food often gets stuck and she can not floss it out.  Dr. Stevens continues to dicuss that often with patients who have crowded and crooked teeth are much more difficult to care for.

After completion of her consultation and examination Dr. Stevens informed Bernadette that she is an ideal candidate for Invisalign and has come in a timely manner with tissues being healthy.  Dr. Stevens tells Bernadette that within 12-15 months of wearing the clear retainers she will achieve the smile of her dreams, a straighter, healthier, whiter smile.



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